Daily Photo Story

daily phot story

I really enjoy taking photo, it makes me seeing the world around in details. You might not notice that I often carry my EOS with me – if it´s not on me, then it´s somewhere near me. Besides all the skill and knowledge in photography, I know that having the right timing is also important. Mind you that I´m lacking all of them ha ha..!  I want to use this post as a landing page where you can find my most recent good shot. I will try to make this project as a daily photo update.

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Every Weekend Is A Celebration

Every Weekend Is A Celebration

Every Weekend Is A Celebration – It´s a high summer season now. Business is rather slow as most of the Danes are on “out-of-office” email auto reply. The Danes is raking highest on the Most Travel Nation in the world. It´s important to take a time off and unwind. But as for myself, I work all year round. So what I do to create the life/work balance? I put an extra effort to make my weekends – possibly every weekend is a celebration!

Here´s from last weekend at the summer house:


Mid Summer´s Bloom: Unwrapping The Gift Of Nature

Mid Summer Bloom: Unwraping The Gift Of Nature

Unwrapping The Gift Of Nature

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Red sky at morning, shepherd take warning

I´ve been waiting for this moment since last Spring when the color of the sky in deep red on early morning. This reddish sunrise, caused by the diffraction of light through particles suspended in the air, often foreshadows a storm arriving within the day. It´s beautiful – no word can describe it. Looking at it, it make me the feel calm, focused, energized, motivated, humble and appreciative.

This time, I captured it with my camera! -Harrie

This one, those ones, these ones, that one or the red one?

Just stuff around the house that makes me happy looking at.

En Route To The Summer House With Heart Wide Open

En Route: With Heart Wide Open

Whenever I get the oppurtunity to enjoy looking at something so amazing and beautiful like this, I often feel the natural need to have someone next to me. Are you like that too? I guess sharing makes us feeling happier especially when the thing we share is a gift of nature.

You Think You Know Yourself? – Think Again!

I spent yesterday morning at the garden center selecting plants and flowers for the little corner at the summer house. It took me nearly an hour walking around the vast center,  randomly picked and choosed the flower that gave me a good “first-impression”. Back at the summer house, I was surprised to discover that out of the mega varities – colors, scents, shapes and sizes, I favored these tiny pretty ones! Not even one big size flower in the range. You know what they say about the person who likes little flowers? LOL