About what I´m great at:

I’m a make-up artist, hair-stylist, photographer, graphic & creative retouching artist who’s passionate about my work.

Beauty and skincare based on years of experience; I´m a natural born artist – that´s my purpose in this life. My first Post by Harrie Appel.

I performed a bridal makeup successfully when I was 8 or 9 years old. My mother was an eye-witness to that event. I remember clearly she was standing few meters from me watching with a calmed expression on her face. Her eyes were following my brush strokes and her chin raised up like a proud mother. Every time I caught her looking at me, she would nod and smile just to show that she was in full confidence that I can do the job. She wasn´t saying much but never did I mention to her of how much I appreciate her being in that room.that was enough encouragement. today-still remember that moment as I was the happiest moment of my life where I got the chance to show her that I was great at the job.

At 17th birthday, I completed my makeup artist course, as well as a hairdressing course in Singapore. I thought that the education was necessary and conveniently I was living in the city close to my dream school. It was a private beauty institute owned by a private company. The education fees were a jaw-dropper. It didn’t really enhanced my skills practically but it gave me the tools to successfully marketing and managing my career in the beauty business moving forward. In the years to follow I´ve worked in some of the leading beauty salons in major cities in Asia and at the same time as a stylist and make-up artist – both beauty makeup and special fx on films, advertisements and commercials across the globe.

Subsequently, I´ve worked for many of the large cosmetics companies and amongst other things, I was involved in the product development work for Clarins in Paris at the age of 23. Previously I´ve worked for Estée Lauder  as the International Make-up Artist, M.A.C Cosmetics, Christian Dior Nordic Region as the Make-up Artist Educator, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I also did a consultancy job for YSL, Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and CHANEL.

Through my many years of experience in the business, I have gained a wide knowledge of skincare and beauty make-up.

Currently, I am working on a business project for HAAPP (Harrie Appel App). I will share with you what HAAPP stands for in the press release once it´s ready to be launched.

Thank you.

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