The fourteen Dior brushes created from the knowledge of Raphaël house

DIOR New Brushes - HA Blog

It is not by chance that they are known as make-up artists: these professionals see the skin as a canvas to be enhanced with make-up; and in order to do this, they demand the very best brushes. The creation of a partnership between Dior and Raphaël, master of artists’ brushes, was therefore a completely natural move. Since its foundation in 1793, in Paris, Raphaël has been practising its know-how, handed down from traditional methods: from bristle assembly to combing, from shaping to quality control, each brush is hand-made and requires the expertise of around thirty people.
Today, Dior unveils a range of fourteen brushes, created with the benefit of know-how from the Raphaël house. Whether for eyebrows or lips, blush or foundation, liquid textures or powders, each product, each texture and each part of the face has a brush to suit. As the companions of Dior make-up artists, they are essential elements in all the fashion shows, defining flawless beauty. Whether for sculpting the face or defining the cheekbones, erasing blemishes or making up eyelids, in the hands of the professionals, brush application becomes an art form.


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