Through My Lens: The Danish Parliament, Christiansborg Palace

I walk past the Danish Parliament building almost everyday on my way to work. I live just about 250 meter from this historical building and I must say that I´m a lucky person to have a home address in this area because I appreciate the architecture of this magnificent building – the centre of Danish democracy.

The History of Christiansborg

Christiansborg Palace as it stands today is only the most recent of a succession of five buildings that have occupied the islet of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen for more than 800 years. For centuries, one building has been succeeded by the next as a consequence of wars, modernisations and fires.

The Danish Parliament

The Danish Parliament is located in Christiansborg Palace on the Castle Islet, “Slotsholmen”, a small island in Copenhagen harbour in the heart of the city. Christiansborg Palace is the centre of Danish democracy, and Members of Parliament use most of the rooms in the building as offices and meeting rooms.


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