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Category: Harrie Appel

About the blog owner:

I’m a make-up artist, hair-stylist, photographer, graphic & creative retouching artist who’s passionate about my work.

Beauty and skincare based on years of experience; I´m a natural born artist – that´s my purpose in this life. My first bridal make-up I performed successfully when I was 8 or 9 years old. My mother was an eye-witness where I remember clearly she was standing few meter from me watching with a calmed expression on her face, her chin raised up to show that she was in full confidence that I can do the job. She wasn´t saying anything but never did I mention to her that just by her standing there watching me working on the bride, that was enough encouragement and that very moment was the happiest moment of my life where I got the chance to show her that I was great at the job. Since that day up until today, I´ve NEVER stop painting faces!

At 17th birthday, I was qualified as a hairdresser and make-up artist in Singapore. In the years to follow I´ve worked in some of the leading beauty salons in major cities in Asia and at the same time as a stylist and make-up artist – both beauty make-up and special fx on films, advertisements and commercials across the globe.

Subsequently I´ve worked for many of the large cosmetics companies and amongst other things, I was involved in the product development work for Clarins in Paris at the age of 23. Currently I´m doing a consultancy job for Estée Lauder and Christian Dior. Through my many years of experience in the business, I have gained a wide knowledge of skincare and beauty make-up. I like to share that knowledge through my “accidentally uploaded blog”.