My snapping habit – interior decorations – Danish summer house

I admit that I´ve this weird habit of looking around at the things people display in their homes. I guess one could somehow get to know a little bit more about the owner of the house by the way they decorate their home. Every little objects tells a story and rather personal to them. I just can´t help myself from taking photos of the home that I been invited to.  Especially if I´m visiting friend´s summer house in Denmark, part of the excitement from receiving the invitation is thinking that which lens or which camera should I have with me –  and that´s before I even ask for permission to take photos of their interior decor. These photos were shot during my recent visit to my dear friends summer house this summer. I won’t mention their names since I “forgot” to ask them if I could post these photos on my blog. (Ops!)

Peter & Peter 1 Peter & Peter 2 Peter & Peter 3 Peter & Peter 4 Peter & Peter 5 Peter & Peter 6 Peter & Peter 7


Every Weekend Is A Celebration

Every Weekend Is A Celebration – It´s a high summer season now. Business is rather slow as most of the Danes are on “out-of-office” email auto reply. The Danes is raking highest on the Most Travel Nation in the world. It´s important to take a time off and unwind. But as for myself, I work all year round. So what I do to create the life/work balance? I put an extra effort to make my weekends – possibly every weekend is a celebration!

Here´s from last weekend at the summer house:


This one, those ones, these ones, that one or the red one?

Just stuff around the house that makes me happy looking at.

En Route To The Summer House With Heart Wide Open

Whenever I get the oppurtunity to enjoy looking at something so amazing and beautiful like this, I often feel the natural need to have someone next to me. Are you like that too? I guess sharing makes us feeling happier especially when the thing we share is a gift of nature.

Brunch With Friends / My Daily Dose Of Love

Earlier today I went for a brunch with my friends at Restaurant Amalie. The menu consists of traditional Danish lunch which is  classic high-plated open-faced sandwiches. It was a lot of fun but unfortunately I had to l;eave my friends over some work urgency! That was my daily dose of love!My Daily Dose Of Love My Daily Dose Of Love My Daily Dose Of Love My Daily Dose Of Love My Daily Dose Of Love

Fiin and Karin

Fiin and Karin

DDOL_BrunchWithFriends_0348 My Daily Dose Of Love

My Sanctuary

Summer House – my sanctuary, or call it a shrine of mine. I often find myself again here after the Monday to Friday unwelcome consumption of work related stress. I live in the middle of Copenhagen which supposedly one of the safest and most quiet modern city in the world but the noise still got to me. I cannot imagine myself living in New York. It may be great for other but unfortunately just isn´t for me. I guest this is why I love being up here, I enjoy the quietness, I watch closely the fast growing wild plants and trees in the early Spring and the changing color of leaves in Falls time. No flatscreen TV or Yamaha receiver installed up here, even the cell phone is switch off whenever I´m 100% sure that there won’t be any need for it.

Lately I kind of talking myself into doing some light research on meditation. I don´t know much about it and I don’t think any of my friends actually meditate, unless if they did´t think that the subject interest me.

What about you? Do you do meditation or have any kind of advise for a soon-to-be-a-meditator? Please do share!