My Recent Work ★ Iris Thomsen | Miss World Denmark 2012

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My Recent Work | Iris Thomsen |


Daily Photo Story

Daily Photo Story 2

This is the second set of the story..

Daily Photo Story | Photography 19 - February 19, 2016



Photo Story ☆ Photography 1.6

Photo Story ☆ Photography 1.5

Photo Story ☆ Photography 1.4

Photo Story ☆ Photography 1.3

Photo Story ☆ Photography 1.2

Photo Story ☆ Photography 1.1

Nails by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Nail PolishRich, glossy, long-lasting color and shimmer for nails. Safe and non-toxic!

My snapping habit – interior decorations – Danish summer house

I admit that I´ve this weird habit of looking around at the things people display in their homes. I guess one could somehow get to know a little bit more about the owner of the house by the way they decorate their home. Every little objects tells a story and rather personal to them. I just can´t help myself from taking photos of the home that I been invited to.  Especially if I´m visiting friend´s summer house in Denmark, part of the excitement from receiving the invitation is thinking that which lens or which camera should I have with me –  and that´s before I even ask for permission to take photos of their interior decor. These photos were shot during my recent visit to my dear friends summer house this summer. I won’t mention their names since I “forgot” to ask them if I could post these photos on my blog. (Ops!)

Peter & Peter 1 Peter & Peter 2 Peter & Peter 3 Peter & Peter 4 Peter & Peter 5 Peter & Peter 6 Peter & Peter 7

Mid Summer´s Bloom: Unwrapping The Gift Of Nature

Unwrapping The Gift Of Nature

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